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Chaltha hai! closed manholes

One more addition to the series. This is an interesting image sent by one of my students while his encounter with city footpaths. But will this change after elections? Let's see. Change requires 'empathy and concern' to begin with.

Chaltha hai! closed manholes

Never understood the graphic depicted for spitting. Let's analyze, Pacman spitting? But if that is true then why the arrow is pointing inwards towards the pacman with a dotted line, it should point outward. Second guess, ( this seems to be the answer) the arrow depicts the spit travelling towards the corner of the wall (90 degree), but then why a semi circle to that corner of the wall angle. The diagonal line is suggesting the negation, NO. Anyways boards exists. communication is not complete unless there is an effect of the intended message. it is just communication, not effective communication. Location Dadar (west) Railway station booking window.

Smell as Signage: Clean toilets or more Shopping Malls.
Keeps me wondering.

A Shop tied to the footpath
It's OK.

Code of conduct: How does my city look?
Who decides.

Travel: When people become goods.

Concerns for aesthetic: Don't finish off work!
Attention to detail.

Male dominated : Why seats are reserved for females in Buses
Not so 'Best' experience!

The height: Why worry for someone who is anyways going to die
The trade-off.


Sustainable: Five Star Hotels and their world
The unnecessary.


Be carefull: Improve vision
Interestingly only international packs have this comment, the Indian versions do not even bother to mention.


Save the world, Save the planet
Reminds me of Geroge Carlin

This election will this change?
Whom will you vote for, is this a need?

The Bali Pratha?
We still have the pratha, as my friend Nishant says: Someone should fall then the lid will get its due attention. Create noise for attention then it will be heard. Empathy will follow.
This election will this change?

Sab chaltha hai?
The bus stop is not operational, so lets use it. It's an opportunity.

This election will this change?

Change your path.
Don't fight the system.


Post ends.