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Mandar Rane
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Industrial Design Centre
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
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To See, Show and Share - Rapid consumerism and globalization are affecting the living environments of “peripheral countries” like India. Open economy has changed the face of the
cities and is resulting in a display of brands (advertising) creating clones of temporary visual displays throughout the country. Brands with various shades of need-fulfilling sales promises appear jostling for space and visibility; at times, they appear like an organized display (shopping malls) in metros or an unattended disorganized chaos of billboards and banners in cities. Unfortunately, development
of any kind which results in economic growth is justified as sustainable within the growing economies. When this development deeply affects the visual domain of an inherited culture,
all of us seem to be least bothered. May be, simply because it’s intangible, (i.e. visual) and gets
ignored among daily priorities of one life's. So, to make it a matter of visual awareness, this presentation attempts to put forth a visual essay of pictures shot across various states of India, to confront us with the reality of an identity crisis and the changes diluting the visual landscapes of India’s social environs- witnessed in buildings, streets, cities and different states; a country
well known for its rich cultural diversity.

Institutionalised designers invade visual spaces of local culture under the pretext
of acquired design knowledge from premier institutions and create geographically disoriented visual messages
- This presentation potrays picture slides exhibit the work of local people (non-designers) in Assam, India, who build structures (temple entrances) under a strong value/ belief system. Documented here is how this belief system percolates and manifests into a
visual grammar of that local culture/state affecting different domains of its visual language.

Did you ask my city before you installed the bill board -
We as ‘designers’ seem to be
grossly involved in designing identities with our eyes blindfolded for the parts of an elephant
called ‘branding’. In doing so we lose to the holistic identity of a state or a country. Let us be
aware, as designers to consciously include culture, (whenever possible) as a theme within our
designs, because “Culture inspires creation of form, concept and identity”. In this digital age its
an opportunity for visual designers to be contemporary in the context of being traditional as
well as viceversa.