A 60 page book documents the complete coursework done with students at various Design Institutes in the country. Given below is a sample of the course abstract on Visualization Drawing, one of the courses in this book.

Visualization Drawing

A primer for students who want to learn sketching 3 dimensional objects. With the increase in number of computer modeling solutions, the reason to learn sketching as a skill leads to a debate between novice learners and traditional instructors; whether this skill is necessary to acquire. The term sketching in the course refers to the activity of drawing (representing) three dimensional objects located centrally, surrounded by students along the periphery of a circle. The art of sketching in design schools is currently acquired through perseverance and can be considered liberal to invite a methodical approach. Growth of impatience and the need for instant results in novices are in contrast with respect to the representation skills which are generally achieved by extensive practice and patience. Given the context, this course is a collection of students work conducted over two years of teaching drawing of three dimensional objects at the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India.