Ordering Order

Sunil is a semi-literate individual who works as a photocopy machine operator. He is slow at calculations. Due to frequent errors and delays in Sunil’s work, the customers are annoyed and the owner of the shop is planning to fire Sunil. 14 design students set out to help Sunil, keep his job. To their surprise, the answer to Sunil’s problem lies in a humble chart. But mind you, it is not just a chart- there is more to it. Watch the video, to know more!

Given below is the image of a fruit seller arranging his fruits at a roadside stall. Is he a designer? Does he arrange elements in a given space. Does he plan or arranges it randomly? How each element is organised in a fixed space interests me. The arrival of one decides the position of the other.
Everyone arranges.
Every arrangement creates a form.
Designers also arrange elements in a given space.
At times creating chaotic arrangements or at times orderly.
Watch the movie which shows how elements come together to create a form: