Demystifying Design is an interactive session and a workshop conducted by Prof. Mandar Rane (Faculty - Communication Design) and Prof. Purba Joshi (Faculty - Industrial Design) from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the discipline, finding a common ground to define design has always been a challenge. The workshop aims to demystify the definition of design for those who plan to venture into the design world or are in various professions of design but still find it difficult to articulate the term. This one day session is exclusively designed to clarify your doubts about what is design? It is therefore open for people from various professions including design. Aim is to foster understanding, by employing an unique approach of learning design through observations, discussions and debates in applied contexts. Explore the worlds of Industrial and Communication design by being a part of this. 

Workshop outline

To think like a designer is a skill that can be learnt. It is a way of generating ideas to resolve design issues that are identified by observing and empathising with people within their context. The workshop showcases a plethora of real-life observations to introduce oneself to the ways of seeing. Examples in the workshop demonstrate the power of observation, as the key tool towards identifying needs, point of views, understanding human behaviours, building insights and improving one's design thinking. After these concepts form the necessary base participants will attempt design challenges using the three primary aspects of the design thinking process. Let us collaboratively demystify design.

Learning by doing

Learning through experience with hands-on tasks will hone your ability to externalize your thoughts. Reflections on your ideas will help you articulate design decisions more meaningfully.

Who should attend?

The workshop acclimatizes participants with the holistic meaning of the word 'Design' and therefore professionals from any industry/ academics interested in 'Understanding Design' must attend. Further the workshop will focus on discovering problems in the domain of Industrial and Communication design. 

The Kit 

Sample crop of the design timeline accordion. 1400-2010. 27 inches wide 
The workshop kit includes 1. an isometric campus map designed by student IDC, IIT Bombay + Small notepad, 2. Mumbai Rail Map (MRM) thought books, 3. Lecture notes, 4. Design Timeline - Accordion: 27 inches wide . 5. Booklet on History of Design - ULM school. 


Every participant is awarded a certificate from Continuing Education Program (CEP) office of IIT Bombay on completion of the workshop. 

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