The design byte - 001 // SAT. 20 JUNE. 2020

Why does my bus not tweet?

Have you waited at the bus stop, not knowing when your bus will arrive and wish someone would tell you? It’s still true in India. On my travel to Pune, I take a return bus from a place, Swargate. When buses are late, they never let me know in advance. I rush to match the time of the bus, to find out its late. If people can tweet about their activities, why does the bus not tweet about its whereabouts?

We shall wait for M.S.R.T.C. to allow the buses to tweet.

What would that world be like, where traffic information is constantly disseminated to keep travellers informed? We could track each and every vehicle — at least all public transport. Tracking vehicles would generate a lot of interesting data about the vehicular movement. This might help policy-makers, urban planners study vehicle movement patterns, identify points of traffic congestion and bottlenecks to think up ways of alleviating them. Enough of Bla… Bla…

Maybe the reference given below is too advanced of us to implement. Till then, at least, let the bus tweet. It’s 2018 approaching.
In Lisbon, Portugal, we can SMS a number to ask, where is your bus