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IIID Mobility Days 2020

Congratulations, your abstract is accepted for the conference.
Welcome to the speaker registration page. The conference will take place over three days with three hours session each day. We request you to register as a speaker for the conference. All authors register for the conference separately.

Important dates:

Speaker registration last date: 6 July 2020
Send presentation slides by 2 October 2020 
Video/soundcheck before 19-20 October 2020
(times will be arranged closer to the date)

Scheduling Presentations:

Timing is a challenge around the globe. With our original setting in Mumbai and our theme of high-density multi-lingual environments, we have decided to concentrate on the most comfortable participation times for Asia (with reasonable timing for Europe and Australia). 

Participants from the Americas will have to be particularly dedicated the times shown in the graphic:

Speaker registration form

Registration for speakers is free of charge.

For any queries regarding filling of the form, please write to us at
You can locate the code in the PDF that was sent to you with the abstract acceptance email.
This photograph will be used on the conference website. Upload your picture in .JPG/.GIF/.PNG format. Please restrict the file size to be under 2 MB
This paragraph will be used to introduce you on the day of the conference before your presentation
We will video record the speaker sessions.

Recordings will be made available to paying participants, speakers, IIID members and IDC students and staff. We will provide the presentation slides to paying participants, speakers, IIID members and IDC students and staff.

If you are unable to share your slides please provide us with a summary of your presentation.

Note: It is the speakers’ responsibility to ensure that they own the rights on the material used in the presentation slides, or that they have permission to use the material and it is properly attributed to the owner.