Picture of a flute vendor in India

Objects of desire

The picture above portrays a humble flute seller in India, you can see him on the streets. My childhood memories still linger around the sounds of the flute (often a Bollywood song) the melody of which used to drag me to my window. I rarely see him these days in Mumbai. He used to play the flute so well that you get attracted to the flute. As a child, owning it becomes the sole purpose in life. But when bought, I realised that, I cannot play like him. I forgot that the skill lies in the ‘person’ not the ‘flute’. We get attached to the objects. Whenever I see a designer, programmer or illustrator at work, their work appears easier than mine. But when I attempt, reality manifests itself with a surprise. It’s difficult. The person who works makes it appear easy. 

We cling to the object, but we tend to forget the person behind the object. No doubt objects are either more usable or less usable, but often I am asked by students, whether they should buy a Mac or PC?