Communication Design 

Learn how to think like a designer?
Experiencing Communication Design is an interactive online course designed by Prof. Mandar Rane from the IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. The course is not meant to stuff you with facts; it involves learning by doing.
The title is experiencing because this online workshop will investigate problem-solving and take you on a journey to work and think like a designer. The workshop begins with investigating the meaning of the word Design. It encourages one-on-one interaction with the instructor and navigates participants through identifying a problem. Learning to see, improving observation to inform design decisions will be given priority. The structured approach involves experiences of being a designer, thinking like a designer, getting frustrated, running out of ideas, handling constant confusion, and managing uncertainty while creating solutions.

To come to terms with these qualities of a designer and experience them, the instructor introduces his teaching method, which is argumentative and encourages constructive debates. 
Design thinking, Communication Design, Communication theory, Visual design (you may choose to call it UI) 
The workshop will be conducted online. The online conferencing tool, ZOOM will be during the workshop. Make sure you install the same and a decent internet connection at your end.
  • 24 OCT. - 11 Nov. 2022
  • 3 weeks, in-person course  
To introduce the participant to different stages of a design process - from investigating, analysing, articulating, narrowing and synthesising to choose the most appropriate solution for the relevant context.
  • Introduction to Design
  • Scatter and order
  • Introduction to Communication theory
  • Observation
  • Context and purpose
  • Problem framing/articulation
  • Assumptions
  • Empathize
  • Single answer versus multiple answers
  • What users cannot tell us?
  • Grammar of visual design
  • Understanding user order/needs
  • Structure of a visual message
  • Take away/reflection/summarizing
Industry professionals from various fields who wish the gain insights to the understanding and rationalizing visual design decisions and problem solving.
Yes, each participant receives a course completion certificate from IIT Bombay

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Workshop related

1. How is this workshop different from other workshops?

In this workshop, you solve a design problem with me in person. Don't mistake it as guidance, my role will be to unsettle you. Often I give an analogy of design teaching to that of riding a bicycle. Whenever you feel you are balancing the design problem, I will create a slight push to disturb your balance. The day you ride the bicycle, without my support, I consider you have learnt to ride the bicycle. 

The more you depend on me to solve problems, the less you learn to be independent.
It's a thinking workshop.  

2. I am not a designer by training, should I attend this workshop?

Yes, you can attend the workshop. But this workshop is not about passive listening about design facts. You are expected to work on a design problem. You are expected to know design software to execute your ideas. If you are uncomfortable with this thought, I recommend you should not attend. 

3. Is your teaching style different? 

Yes, it is. I can promise you, it will be about failures, managing uncertainty, getting frustrated and lots of confusion. It is less of hand-holding.

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Registration Process

 You will be required to create a login and password on the IIT Bombay Continuing Education Program [ CEP ] portal. The blue button below will take you to the course registration page on the IIT BOMBAY website. 

Note: The last date to register is 23 March 2022.
You are requested to read the FAQ section below before you register.

Any more questions?

It is good to talk to the instructor if you have more queries about the course.