Redesign of Paper Forms

Form Redesign by Shravan Muralidhar:

Case Studies on Design of forms for IIT Bombay

Forms are such an integral part of our life that we inevitably fill millions of them right from our childhood until the end. Forms collect information, help form databases and disseminate important details about the subject involved in the form. But little do we realize how critical is designing a form and what kind of intense science and logic has to be followed while doing it. The central focus of form design is the end user and secondary focus is the retriever. The comfort and experience of the use of forms by these two categories of people determines the requisites of a form. We don't notice in our daily lives how easily distracted we get, by the wrong architecture in a form and more rarely do we notice how little changes in the form can bring back such lost attention of ours to the form.

While working on just one single form, I learned how careful one has to be in taking into account the different requirements of the user. The user cannot be put off for any reason since that would lead to lowered accuracy of information furnished and thus the purpose of the form is defeated. From my experience through this project, I present to you my findings on the science of designing forms and my experiments and inferences with the same.