Concerns in the design of an icon

We invite you to participate in the research "Concerns in the design of an icon", being conducted at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. 

What is the purpose of this research?

It aims to investigate the process of creation for an icon by a designer before its comprehensibility can be measured amongst intended users. 

What is the motivation for me to participate?

I value your time. If you are interested in design of an icon, you should participate. There are no incentives for this participation. It should be done volutarily and out of sheer intertest in investigating the process of designing an icon

Step 1. Design an icon  

Consider the seating provided in public facilities like buses and trains. Visual signs (icons) put up in these spaces can communicate to public users that specific parts of the provision are reserved for the physically constrained such as the elderly, people with children, the injured, the disabled and pregnant women. 
Assume that you have been commissioned as the lead designer to design an icon to represent pregnant women. It will be used in the spaces mentioned above as an indicator for people to understand the restriction in usage of such a provision. 
Please note: You can participate in this design task only once.
Please design the icon as a vector file. For your final design, download the file

Step 2. Upload the icon you designed 

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We will require to connect with you in case you are the winner.
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Thanks to all the students who participated in the pilot study:
Madhumita Kannan - Video Editor
Swapnil Domade - Professional Designer 
Khushi Makin - B.Des / Rachana School of Applied Arts
Rachana - M.Des Student Communication Design / IDC
Shivangi - M.Des Student Communication Design / IDC
Saikat Mondal - M.Des Student Communication Design / IDC
Sanskruti Landage - M.Des Student Communication Design / IDC