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IIID Mobility and Transport forum

International Online Conference, Mumbai 4-6 Nov. 2020

IIID Mobility & Transport Forum 2020, co-organised with IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, India. The theme for conference is Navigating the city.
IIID - International  Institute of Information Design, Austria
IDC- School of Design, IIT Bombay

Navigating the City

Information and mobility design for high-density multilingual environments
Conference Theme:
Navigating the city Cities have many faces, and they are a conglomerate of multiple entities compressed into a density that is highly challenging for the people who live and work there. High diversity in population, a multilingual environment, the gap between digital possibilities, and the reality of the travel experience are currently shaping our cities. In this context, under the theme of navigation, solutions that make travel easy and enjoyable for everyone are essential components in defining a city. The conference in Mumbai is a call to understand individual perspectives on navigating and “using” the city, and how the quality of the mobility experience will be shaping city life in the future.