The Temple Town of Kumbhakonam

Student: Nimisha Drolia

Project 2 - Temple Town of Kumbhakonam - Tourist Guide Book

India has a very rich historical and cultural background. There are number of ancient cities here, which are very important religious and historical pilgrimage. Thousands of people visit these cities every year. Large number of tourist visits these cities from all over the world. But these places don’t have proper guides. Thousands of people visit these cities, who will benefit immensely by use of guides.

Kumbakonam is one such town. Located in Tamil Nadu, Kumbakonam is called The Temple Town, because it has more than 100 temples in and around. Thousands of people visit the city every year. But there is no guide to the place. Thus when we did a study trip to the place in February, this idea to make a guide book for the city struck me, which became my project. So I decided to design a Guide for the Temple Town of Kumbakonam, which will help people visiting the town to have a more informed and guided tours.

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