100 years of Marathi Cinema

Design of a newspaper supplement

Student: Deepali Thokal

We would like to thank National Film Archive of India for all the support of the images provided used in the project

Marathi Cinema is considered as the pioneer of Indian Cinema. It is the oldest form of Indian as well as Pakistani cinema. The first silent movie made in pre-independence 1913 by Dadasaheb Phalke can be recognised as a giant leap in Indian entertainment domain. Sooner it led into the rise of Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Telugu film industries. Later in the successive era of Indian Cinema the film company named “Prabhat Films” which played a major role, was founded by a Marathi person. Marathi Cinema went through many phases during its development over the period of almost ten decades. After the golden age and several rewards like President’s gold medal, screening at Venice film festival etc. Marathi Cinema had to face several years of suffering and struggle. The current situation of Marathi Cinema is towards progression and it has created a benchmark upto the Oscar nomination. Now it is about to complete its 100 years and it is the time to see the preceding journey of Marathi Cinema. This project dealt with depicting how Marathi Cinema evolved in almost 100 years since its beginning. The cinema narrates its own story in first person about its journey.

Download the Marathi Cinema Timeline 1913-2013

Student: Shishir Bhagade

Shishir, what is the purpose behind creation of this timeline?

Marathi Cinema turned 100 in May 2013. I have designed the info-graphic as a PDF file giving an overview at the 100 year long journey of Marathi Cinema. I have arranged movies year-wise, starting from 1913 till May 2013. Along with the movie timeline I am emphasising the journeys of luminaries of Marathi Cinema through their awards and popular movies. Since Prabhat Film Company played a major role in Marathi film industry (1929 - 1952) I am focussing on it in this endeavour. I have designed this info-graphic such that the evolution of Marathi Cinema unfolds through the journeys of selected individuals, who in my opinion are most influential. This info-graphic has been designed to help movie lovers, beginners in filmmaking and film students understand learn more about Marathi Cinema and its evolution.

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