Mumbai Parikrama

by Aditi Kulkarni:

Mumbai Parikrama, is a book born out of my love for Mumbai. A city where I was born and a city I am still discovering. I love Mumbai for its chaos, its ability to take in people and cultures from all corners of India and assimilate them into something even better. Much like Arabian sea and “Bambai Bhel-Puri”. Wandering around in Bhuleshwar, a place where I was lost at the age of 5, I realised markets often evolved around major temples. As if it was destined for spirituality and materialism to go hand in hand in the commercial capital of India. A city of 12.4 million dreams, does need blessings.

Questions like, who are the people praying to, how and for what prompted me to create this book. People ask for all kinds of boons, what happens next? Once wishes of devotees are fulfilled, how do they show gratitude? If you were in Mumbai for a week- which temples would you visit? Is it true, that a particular diety is in its strongest element on particular days? Browse the book, for all this and more.