National Institute of Technology Patna

Visual Identity Design

A brief about the project:

NIT Patna approached IDC to redesign their Visual Identity. Metamorphosis from Bihar college of engineering to National Institute of Technology Patna triggered the idea for a new identity. Therefore we envisaged a new face, a new begining, to be translated in a visual symbol, brand language, that the Institute could reckon with. The picture above is the three dimensional representation of the symbol.

Design Philosophy for the symbol:

The sharp geometric patterns striving to achieve a goal manifesting progressive education. Sharpness and precision symbolize clarity of thought, guiding a focused mind with self confidence, to seek fresh avenues in all directions.
Project Team:
- Mandar Rane + Priti Rajwade (Print Designer) + Rugwed Deshpande (Setu Advertising, Pune)
- Omkar Shende (Devnagri Typeface Design for NIT Patna) page 13 - Identity Manual
- Student Associates at IDC: Gauravi Choudhary, Konark Ashara