Visual Identity Design for ReBIT

Reserve Bank information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

ReBIT meeting outcome: Brief generation

As a technology partner of RBI, ReBIT’s key role is enabling RBI to establish a resilient banking network leading to a technological transformation of Indian banking. While associated with RBI, ReBIT must independently be perceived as a group of diverse, young, smart and energetic people delivering excellence through innovation and collaboration.

Keywords: Banking + Technology + People.

Translating the brief:

ReBIT as an acronym for Reserve Bank Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. already draws strong associations with banking (Re= Rupee) and information technology (BIT= basic unit of information used in computing and digital communications). The corporate identity reifies the associations of ‘Re’ and ‘BIT’, to construct a distinctive visual mark.

Tagline: Regulate, Reassure, Redefine

Project Team:

Mandar Rane
Prof. Mandar Rane
Communication Design
Faculty IDC, IIT Bombay
Priti Rajwade
Independent Designer 
Alumnus IDC, IIT Bombay
Tagline: Manish Jhaveri
Design writer: Hriday Gami 
Digital animation: Vinayak More
Brandtouchpiints execution: Jaikishan Patel
Project Type: Consultancy
Category: Reserve Bank of INDIA - Government 
Client: ReBIT, Reserve Bank Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Deliverable: Visual Identity Design - visualization for various brand touchpoints
Year of release: 2017

Project routed through Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre, IIT Bombay (IRCC)

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