Interactive timetable schedular for Industrial Design Centre

What is Skedular

At the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay printed timetables were getting cumber­some and tiring. With increase in the number of disciplines tracking courses and planning future courses was troublesome for faculty as well as the students. The challenge was to come up one glance view of a complete semester of four months of IDC timetable to make it more comprehensive and release it from the complex and confusing representation of rows and columns.
The solution was skedular.com an interactive timetable scheduler designed for Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT Bombay. It is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) currently suited and crafted for Design Institutes running their courses in modules. Some advantages of Skedular are semester view at a glance, color coding for segregation, roll-overs to display personal involvement, inside a day-view on clicking a day, front end with a complimentary back end, easy updating and user friendly.