Design History Timeline

The Design Timeline

Product Title: Design History Timeline - Version 5 // PDF
Product Type: Digital PDF  
Price: FREE
Product Title: Design History Timeline - Version 5 // Printed 
Product Type: Printed
Price: INR 399 + The HfG Ulm booklet (FREE)
Shipping: INDIA only
Purpose of the product: 
Exposure to art movements, design schools, famous works, world events and people. The digital document consisting of two pages,

Front: Displays the designed timeline
Back: Categorised list of 63 design books in 13 categories. It is a must-read for every designer.

Product details: 01 - Paid product
Second Edition // 2018
Fold style: 4 fold accordion
Publisher: mrane publications
Concept and concern: Mandar Rane + Purba Joshi
Language: English
Paper: Lethack Paper - textured  
Open - 14 x 70 cm
Closed - 14 x 19.6 cm
Product weight: 16 gms
Quantity: 1
Product details: 02 - Free product
Product Title: The HFG Ulm, A short history
Product Type: Printed
Price: FREE with design timeline

Contents: The booklet is a short narrative about the HFG Ulm - the most influential design school of the 20th century. Binding: Center pinning
Publisher: mrane publications
Author: Mandar Rane + Hriday Gami
Pages: 28 (including cover)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-93-5311-442-8 (Paperback)
Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 24 cm
Product weight: 64 gms
Quantity: 1
Free Preview: Coming soon

Combined Package weight: 146 gms