Visual Order

A course in basic design

Objectives: Learning outcome

  • Structuring a visual message
  • Understanding the creation of order in visual design
  • Conveying single meaning / conveying multiple meanings
  • Selective grouping / Combined grouping
  • Express type through form, scale, orientation and value
  • Type semantics, expressive typography
  • Build sensitivity to subtle and gross visual relationships
  • Translating a picture into equivalent typographic messages
  • To ensure communication as an object-oriented description rather than a viewer-oriented description
  • To be able to experience the variables of visual relationship towards perceiving the elements of a composition as a whole

Complimentary objectives:

  • To focus on the task rather than the tool (software)
  • To learn image editing, publishing and documentation and working with precision
  • To encourage working in a team-leading to discussions and constructive criticism

Importance of the assignment criteria:

Tasks in this assignment are evaluated based on assignment criteria and not governed by the personal likes or dislikes of the instructor. These tasks are completely objective, so read the tasks and instructions carefully. If the assignment criteria are perceived differently by the student and the instructor, then a debate is likely to occur. 


Last updated: 8 APR. 2020
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Mandar Rane
Prof. Mandar Rane
Communication Design
Faculty IDC, IIT Bombay
Primary Audience:
Undergraduate and postgraduate students of design 
Secondary Audience:
Aspiring designers keen on learn visual design

1. Knowledge of basic photography typography
2. Awareness about elements and principles of design 


- The focus of this course is to improve one's ability to identify a design problem.
- Understand the factors that directly or indirectly influence the design problem.
- Design methodology – Study in the phases of process from analysis through synthesis and evaluation.
- To be able to develop a mindset for the investigation from the user perspective.