The design byte - 001 // SAT. 20 JUNE. 2020

To design for wants or needs?

Childhood memory at Mumbai railway stations: As a child, I was attracted to the weighing scale at the railway stations with its decorative lights and the tiny red and white wheel which used to rotate after you insert a one rupee coin. I used to borrow a coin from my father until the train arrived. After the coin was dropped a peculiar sound would activate the weighing machine. It would spew a cardboard coupon that showed one’s weight and his day’s fortune, along with a picture of a Bollywood actor. As a kid, I used to look forward to that designed user experience just to know one’s weight. Most of these machines are done away with today. The designer in me finds an opportunity of reviving them for newer interactions and experiences.
Tickets: Thanks to Manasi Shekar Keni for sharing her precious treasure
that gives visual context to the content
Building intelligence into objects, making them respond, remind and keep logs about all the events in the past, seems exciting. But, how many interactive devices and how much of intelligence we should built in; to what extent should we do this.

As designers are we conscious about designing for wants or needs? Else, we stop worrying because we can always find (create) a buyer for our wants and their needs.